ZDS (Zombie Disco Squad), AKA Nat Self, is a DJ and producer from London, in spite his 30 years old with a very appealing curriculum:

– Leader of the music scene in East London’s clubs? Done.

– Panorama Bar’s DJ resident when he was just a fresh? Done.

– Having in his debut album collaboration with DJ Funk and the soul legend Omar? Done.

– Playing at the most famous festival of the world including Hard Summer in LA and Kazantip in Ukraina? Done.

During the last years he has worked on a lot of EPs with multiple labels such as “This and That” of Davide Squillace, ‘Snatch Records’ and some remixes as well, including Audiojack’s “Stay Glued”.

In 2017 has been released by Toolroom his single “Rick James”, which put ZDS into another dimension of his career.