Who we Are

JE is Music, Passion and Ideas

JE | Just Entertainment is an independent record label whose main activities are linked to musical entertainment, worldwide. Established in the DNA of the company there is the scouting of new artists, the production of new musical contents and beyond.

The correlated activities of our company range to a great extent, but always maintaining music the nucleus of our worldwide activity.
First, thanks to the experience of our management, we have specialized for years in the search and acquisition of music catalogs, as well as in the management of the rights resulting from their commercialization or exploitation.

More specifically we supervise the tracking of music utilization all over the world (Radio, Tv, Soundtracks, Web, Public Performances …), collecting the resulting revenues, also on behalf of third parties.

We verify the existence of non-allocated revenues (following the regulation of the Law on Neighbouring Rights) in the principal industrialized countries; After analysing the utilizations of music catalogs in the past years, with a maximum of fifteen years, we proceed with the claiming of the rights.

The service is conducted mainly on our property catalogs, but it is extended to third parties’ catalogs too.

Our Skills…

Entertainment 100%
Social & Digital MKTG 100%
Engagement Strategies 100%
A&R 100%
Artistic Image Consultancy 100%