The Slovenian DJ and record producer Umek, was born in Ljubljana on 16 May 1976. His first performances date back to 1993 when he was only seventeen. Despite his young age – he was true pioneer of electronic music in the Slovenian and European area.

He has the reputation of one of the leading innovators of its genre. Umek started as a technical supporter in various DJ sets. Later on he slightly changed his style, without however losing the traits of his uniqueness: one of his particular trait is the ability to play up up to four turntables simultaneously.

2002 is the year of the publication of his debut album, “Neuro”, followed in 2010 by “Responding To Dynamic”. Followed numerous compilations from 1999 to 2003 (Umek on monoid; Torture Chamber 2; DJ World Series; Techno from Slovenia and Time Warps Presents Compilation 4) and even more nourished the EP collection between 2008 and 2011 (“Gatex”; “Destructible Environment”; “Blinking Indicator”; “Curved Trajectory”; “Hablando”; “Work This Date”; “Slap”; “Individual Breath”, “Circles Of Hell”; “Responding To Dynamic (Remixes Ena)”; “Responding To Dynamic – Remixes Dve”; “OMGWTF”; “Gatex 2010″; 2Popgirls”; 2Freaks On The Floor”; “She Never Wants To Come Down”, “On The Edge”, “Get Sucked”; “Slap – Competition Remixes 20112).

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