Tuccillo Tuccillo is an Italian DJ who started in the 90s with the UMM label.
He quickly became one of the best reknown artists in house music. Without being influenced by others, the Italian DJ has always remained true to its original style, being surrounded by great artists and collaborating with Ovum, Holix Traxx, Visionquest, Get Physical, Oblack and many more …

Tuccillo plays in the most exclusive club in the world and travels between London, Manchester, Ibiza every month. In 2013 he created his own label, “Unblock Music”, taking on a new road of his career: the DJ is open to new genres, creating a collage of styles, new grooves and closer to techno music.

The latest production of Tucillo mark a new path, in particular the EP “Seclusion”, in partnership with Shaun Reeves for Visionquest, and with the song “Reach Out to Me” for Hard Times. His label “Unblock” continues today to produce hits, including the grandiose “Retro City EP”.