Tomy DeClerque

Tomy DeClerque

During his teen age, Tomy DeClerque, together with other Slovenia artists like: Umek and Valentino Kanzyani, has riding on a wave of success of Techno music.

His first experience in production has been with his friend Zox. Together, they produced their first successes “My Desire” and “Music Makes Me Happy”.

Tomy DeClerque decided to stop his musical live of DJ and producer for a while.

After few years he moved towards a solo career. His works for Circle Music, Sprout and Jesus Loved You, allowed him to be under the spotlight. Indeed, in just two years he got a strong fan base.

All of this is let him collaborate with different record labels such as: NTEC Digital, BluFin, 1605, Terminal M, Toolroom, CR2 and many more.