They say About us


Sony Music Italy

Sergio is a very creative manager, with a long expertise. He is a entrepreneur in a continous research of new opportunities, most of times with innovative ideas. In the meanwhile he is a electrifying Dj and a creative developer of his music catalog that is in a continuos expansion (records & publishing). Least but not last, he is a very positive man.

Alfredo Clarizia, Business Affairs & Legal Director at Sony Music Italy S.p.A.



The incredible passion for innovation is one of the key aspects that strickened me. Sergio is like a vulcano: his ideas and energies are ready to be implemented and when you talk to him you know that the conversation will be interesting and funny. He has a natural ability in the mediation and in the relationship with people, with a positive attitude towards everybody. I had the great opportunity to start a partnership with him 12 months ago and I am sure that it will be a long journey. Trustful, Responsible, positive, honest, energic, brilliant … what else?

Paolo Cavalsassi, Corporate Accounts Sales, Microsoft



Sergio is a professional, creative man and he’s completely devoted to music. He created for Alitalia some playlists to listen to during the flight and it was a success. Especially the Christmas compliation … our consumers sent us so many e-mails to congratulate with us and they asking us information about his music. Our deal was a success.

Laura Melini, Product Delivery Manager, Alitalia Compagnia Aerea Italiana S.p.A.


Jaguar / Land Rover

Sergio is an excellent professional, with a strong sensitivity, and an extraordinary musical knowledge. His ability in anticipating the trends was fundamental to let the italian version of the Land Rover Freelander commercial becoming a hit. He is a fantastic Brand Ambassador for Land Rober and his competences are appreciated on a world scale.

Arturo Frixa, Direttore Generale Marketing, Communication & PR – Jaguar Land Rover Italia S.p.A.


Conte of Florence

Sergio is a great artist and a fantastic professional in his job. He understood perfectly our mood putting it easily into music. The first Tv commercial with Je’s music was superlative. Here at Conte of Florence we love working with Sergio.

Federico Funaro, Marketing Manager – Conte of Florence


Ausonia IT

They know 100% of the world musical production and they have the ability to forecast the trends and to discover new talents and styles. It was a great pleasure to share with Sergio the project for the new Range Rover Evoque.

Daniele Nuovo, ICT Consultant – Ausonia IT