The Heartists

The Heartists The Heartists is the name of a duo, formed by the DJs Claudio Coccoluto and Savino Martinez. Together they have created a collection of house music, going through all different genre of music and succeeding in a single project, which expolres the boundaries of House music phenomenon.

In 1997, The Heartists created a 13 minute track, the successfull “Belo Horizonti”. This track is the result of DJ Claudio Coccoluto’s passion for Brazil and for the sensual and warm sounds of Brazilian musical culture.
The song was also a tribute to Airto Morera. This single has quickly become a landmark in the world of dance, thanks to Basement Jaxx, who were the first to understand the power of those sounds. “Belo Horizonti” became the song of summer 1997, with more than a million copies sold. The Heartists have also signed numerous remixes including Tito Puente’s “Oye Como Go” – Joy Boys “Espanola Way” – Valeria Vix “Noche Diva” – Piero Umiliani “Mah-na Mah-na” – Karen Ramirez “Troubled Girl” – TPM “C. Lime Woman “- Kabbala” Ashewo Ara “- Armando Trovaioli” Sessomatto “- Dos Amigos” Los Mambo “- Davidson Ospina” Samba Baby “- Geri Halliwell” Mi Chico Latino “- Carl Cox” The Latin Theme “.