SunStroke Project

SunStroke Project

Sunstroke Project is a Moldavian group founded in 2007.

The group attended the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010, as Moldavia’s represent playing the song “Run Away” together with Olia Tira.
Seven years after, they have been chosen another time as Moldavia’s represents for the 62nd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev with the hit “Hey Mamma!” positioning at 3rd place behind Portugal and Bulgaria.

Anton Ragoza is the violinst of the band and main composer. He directed Chişinău’s orchestra and won several prestigious prizes in the classic music scene. Anton has a lot of experience as performer in electronic music band.

SSergey Stepanov is the sax’s player of the group. Sergey is known on the web as Epic Sax Guy (o Saxroll) due to his sax solo at SunStroke Project’s performance at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010. In spite of their final position, 22nd over 25 competitors, thanks to Epic Sax Guy, their performance’s video became viral, reaching million of views.

Sergei Yalovitskiy is the vocalist of Sunstroke Project.