Sander Van Doorn

Sander van Doorn is one of the world’s most essential, influential and popular DJ/Producers in dance music today. Sander van Doorn got in touch with the musical scene in 1995, when he was only sixteen. His brother, “Groovebox 303”, caught his attention. He was astounded when he first experienced the amount of creativity that could be put into creating music. Since then, Sander’s heart belonged to music and it still does today.
From then up to now, Sander has created his own typical sound and style. It’s difficult to appoint one specific genre to Sander van Doorn’s style, as his music gets influenced by a very broad spectrum of factors.
Today, Sander has performed thousands of shows in every part of the world and released numerous solo records. His creative process consists in re-inventing musical styles, taking risks in regards to the sound he creates and most importantly staying ahead of the masses.
With two full-length albums, many hit-singles, remixes of the worlds biggest artists, sold out shows in the best festivals worldwide, his own record label Doorn Records, and a weekly radio show called “Identity”, Sander van Doorn continues his musical journey into the heart of fans around the world.