Rettore: 40 years of Splendido Splendente celebrated with a new remix!

Donatella Rettore needs no introduction: versatile rock-songwriting figure, innovative in trends, image and musical evolution, she is an intense interpreter and avant-garde figure, icon of the 80s. She has trod the most important stages in Italy, from Sanremo Festival to Festivalbar, collaborating with artists such as Caterina Caselli and Claudio Baglioni. Among her cult pieces, 2019 marks the fortieth anniversary of Splendido Splendente. In recent decades, the artist has always been able to go further and dare, both in the way she composes and brings creativity to the stage.

LOW_cover-splendido-splendente-approvata_tex_On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of “Splendido Splendente”, written by Claudio Rego and Donatella Rettore, published in the 7-inch format in 1979, the hit returns in a new guise, to be released on 20 September 2019 for Just Entertainment. A series of remixes created for the occasion by Relight Orchestra, specialized in reworking the dance floor with great classics. The duo is made up of Robert Eno, the historic DJ of the Adriatic Riviera and Mark Lanzetta, the most acclaimed Italian electronic violinist abroad, who performed at festivals such as Miami WMC and Tomorrowland.

Since 2001, Relight Orchestra has received great international acclaim thanks to songs like “Elegibo”, interpreted by the Brazilian star Margareth Menezes and become a classic of Latin music, with countless remixes and tens of millions streaming. 

The songs, produced in collaboration with Sergio Cerruti, Joe Vinyle & Sandro Tommasi and Didascalis feat. Andy G. are a great tribute to Rettore career and to this timeless success, a cult of Italian music to be rediscovered.