Reginald Paul Stefan Penxten, better known as Regi Penxten, is one of the most popular Belgian DJ and he has experienced many successes. Also known by the names of Milk Inc. and Sylver, he now prefers to use the stage name Regi and he’s out on Smash The House, the label of his colleagues and friends Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.
Before being a Dj, Regi is a musician as has studied 12 years guitar. This was clear in his Milk Inc. project, and also in the Registrated project, where he plays live. All his songs are born to be played on the guitar, and only in a second moment they are developed in his studio in a dance-pop key.

With many solo albums , “Best Of” in 2005, “Registrated” in 2007 and “Registrated 2” of 2010, Regi has also made inroads in the hearts of those who attended the most famous festivals around the world.
Another big hit was the song “When It Comes To Love,” published in Italy on JE | Just Entertainment: the song was born from the collaboration with Lester Williams, Belgian dj, and Patti Russo, former vocalist for Meatloaf and backing voice for Queen.
His latest album is called “Voices” and involves the cooperation of the Belgian dj with top artist such as Yves V, Wolfpack, the young Lea Rue, Scala and many others. It is distributed by JE | Just Entertainment in Italy.

Even in 2018, Regi gave us a summer anthem: the track is called “Ellie” inspired on his father-daughter relationship with his elder daughter, Ellie-Martha. To complete his masterpiece and spread the song internationally, Regi relied on the beautiful voice of the singer Jake Reese.
Let’s see if his track can be defined “Summer anthem” this year too: first place at MNM Charts (the main Belgian radio), fourth place on Airplay, ninth place on Spotify and first place on ITunes.
With his mix of electronic music and alternative vocalists, he succeeds in building a bridge between the commercial and the alternative scene.