Planet Funk

Born in 1999, Planet Funk represent one of the most important reality for electronic and dance music, that’s because of their “collective” nature and their hits. The band is a fusion between Souled Out! (Domenico “GG” Canu and Sergio Della Monica) and Kamasutra (Marco Baroni and Alex Neri). The name “Planet Funk” was originally the title of a song composed by the same Alex Neri.

The band reaches success in 2002 with the debut album “Non Zero Sumness”, crowned with their presence at Italian Music Awards and a gold record. In “Non Zero Sumness Plus One”, published in 2003, Planet funk realized “One Step Closer” in collaboration with Jim Kerr, Simpe Minds frontman.

Planet Funk is the only Italian band invited by BBC for an exclusive live performance on Radio One, on air from the Abbey Road Studios in London.
In 2005 they publish “The Illogical Consequence” anticipated by the single “ Stop Me”, chosen by Coca Cola for a tv commercial.
From their third album “Static“, released in 2006, the homonyous track is included in the soundtrack of the videogame FIFA 2008.
In 2009 it’s time for the collection “Planet Funk”, containing the unreleased single “Lemonade” and marking the return to the original electro-rock sound of the band.

After five years of silence, the band returns in September 2011 with the album “The Great Shake”. “Another Sunrise” is the first single extracted, which becomes a summer hit in few weeks and it is chosen as soundtrack for the new Hyundai tv commercial. This is also the start of something new for the band: Alex Uhlmann‬ joins Planet Funk as vocalist.
The Great Shake +2”, published in March 2012, adds to the original tracklist the cover of “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’” and a new version of “Ora il mondo è perfetto” with the participation of Giuliano Sangiorgi from Negramaro.
In 2015 they release “We-People”, chosen by Save The Children as soundtrack for one of their solidarity campaign. Just a few months later another single is
The hit is followed by the singles “Revelation” and “Non Stop” with Dan Black, anticipating the long-awaited “Recall Tour“, that sees them busy for a couple of years.
In 2018 Sergio Della Monica, founder of the band, passed away at the age of 58.
In 2019 Planet Funk publish “All on Me” a new single that introduces a new live show with Alex Neri, Marco Baroni and Dan Black on the stage.
2020 marks the 20th anniversary for the band: to celebrate this special occasion they release an exclusive concept album called “20:20”, a collection of their biggest hits like “Chase the Sun”, “Who Said”, “Inside All the People”, “Another Sunrise”, “Paraffin” and their historical collaborations with Giuliano Sangiorgi and Jim Kerr, besides an unreleased version of “Non Stop”, all remastered at Abbey Road Studios for the label Just Entertainment by Sergio Cerruti.