Luis Radio

Luis Radio is one of the most famous DJ and producer from Italian house music’s Old School.
Luis has always had a strong passion for House music. From 80s he started playing at parties, especially Disco and House music. In Rome, during 1989, he worked at Frankie Go Club as DJ resident, playing Garage, Disco & House Classics, Deep House. In 1997, together with Maurizio Clemente, he created two new music labels: Equal and Nitro Records.

In a short timing he released multiple successful hits: “Universal Groove” with Kult Records, Luis Radio Ft. Sabrina Johnston “House Music”, “Joyful Noice” with Michelle Weeks & Alba Tallman. His major collaborations are with: Sabrinahh Papa, Carole Sylvan, Rochelle Fleming, Darryl D’Bonneau, Mijan, Michael Watford, D’Layna, Michelle Weeks, The Chic, Lenny Fontana, Teddy Douglas & DJ Spen (Basement Boys), Danny “Buddah” Morales and many more.

Luis also played in US’ clubs, such as: “End Up” (Devotion Night), “Ruby Skye”, “Mighty”, “Pink” and the “Wet Pool Party” in San Francisco; “Does Your Mama Knows” in Los Angeles, “Cardiff Lounge” in San Jose’, “Union Square BallRoom” in New York, “Sofi Lounge” in Miami.