Like Mike solo for the first time!

Sometimes, in very successful duos, it’s easy to see one of the members moving towards a new direction, this is the case: Michael Thivaios, AKA Like Mike, has decided to release a solo track. Although his brother, Dimitri Vegas, took part to the collaboration and the production of “Memories”.

The track is definitely involving, due to Like Mike’s incredible voice, that leads the listener to another dimension, the one of the memories.
As if listener can go back in time and living some reminiscence of the past, it is possible to feel the emotions of the song and to identify with it.

It’s an easy-going tune, completely different from what the Belgium duo is used to produce. By doing so, Like Mike can show a new side of himself, more “sentimental” and less “festival”.

“Memories” is a sentimental record steeped in personal connotations for Mike, it is a heartfelt electronic sonnet.

The music video represents the artist need to bring the listener back to the past, with its 80s typography and video-game futuristic style, which perfectly fits the melancholic sound of the track.

Check it out here below!



Autore: Riccardo Sada