Lele Scotto

Lele Scotto


Born in Reggio Calabria the 3rd July 1989, Lele Scotto starts his passion for music right from his hometown.

His early experiences see him working hard as a vocalist, without leaving behind his true dream: becoming a DJ.

In 2007 he moved in Milan, a decision that allows his to collaborate with multiple artists such as: Big Fish, Nesli, Francesco Facchinetti and We Are Presidents.

In the begging of 2016 Lele has finally the chance to be behind a console and realizing his dream! During the same year he started a new collaboration the one with the web star Gordon, touring around more than 200 of the best Italian clubs.

His career as a producer took off with the single “Losing Control” released a year ago by JE | Just Entertainment, and he maintained altitude with his second single “Fake”, both in collaboration with BB (Benedetti Balestri) and Gray (Marco Pairone).