Lea Rue

Lea Rue

Born and raised in a family with eclectic outlooks on life; one business, one artistic; Emma Lauwers soon learns that there is more than one side to approaching life.
Her vocal abilities however quickly become apparant and it’s only a matter of time before she participates, at the age of 11, into the Belgian TV music competition “Eurosong For Kids” where she makes it to the semi-finals with the duo “Jess ‘n Emmy”.
A few years later, Emma enrolls into “Ketnetpop” where she gains further stage and recording experience.
At the age of 15, she aims to record her first solo single. The record label however then advises her to wait a few years in order to break away from the teenager image.

In the meantime, Emma studies Arts & Drama in Brussels broadening her artistic skills and interests.
At the age of 20, she is contacted by talent scouts of “The Voice van Vlaanderen”. As part of the team of renowned singer Axelle Red, she once again climbs up to the semi-finals raising maximum media attention.
After the Voice Van Vlaanderen, Emma starts writing her own songs ambitioning a solo career. In the meantime proposals from record companies and DJ’s keep coming in. When the Belgian label CNR proposes to record a demo, Emma feels a connection and decides to accept. The demo becomes the track “I Can’t Say No!” and is released under her new artist name “Lea Rue”. The song and especially the Broiler remix version becomes an international hit and remains in the Belgian Ultratop during 15 weeks, peaking at #2 and reaching more than 25 million streams on Spotify.

Lea Rue starts performing with Felix De Laet, aka Lost Frequencies, hitting national and international stages with the song “Are You With Me”. Her second single “Sleep” is remixed by Lost Frequencies. “Sleep, For The Weak!” again enters in the Ultratop, during 12 weeks, peak at #2, promos in Libanon, Spain, Switzerland…
International DJ’s requesting Lea Rue to sing toplines and recording proposals come through but what seems to be the obvious musical path, deep down she knows that “one shots” doesn’t ring her bell. Pursuing her Bachelor degree, studies temporarily draw away her attention from further recordings but as soon as this is achieved, she’s immediately back in the game.

“River” her third single, produced by Yves Gaillard, puts Lea Rue back where she feels she truly belongs. The time has come to gather all the experiences from the past and focus on a long term musical career as a performing singer/songwriter setting out for a strong live performance and an elaborate musical catalogue.

Waiting for an EP, Lea Rue releases her long-awaited fourth single “Watching You” in March 2019. Again co-written and produced by Yves Gaillard, “Watching You” marks Lea Rue’s determination to pursue the electronic pop- and alternative R&B genre following her previous astonishing debut tracks.

  • Lea Rue – Watching You (Gaillard Remix)

  • Lea Rue – Watching You

  • Lea Rue – River