Giuseppe D’Alessandro, AKA Kisk, is a DJ and producer of Apparel Music label, a London based labels but with artists from allover the world.

In his musical journey he tried different music genre from Trip-Hop to Swing, also touching jungle, west london, broken bliss, house, detroit and deep house without leaving behind Jazz.

“Jazzy” is the ability to combine jazz through electronic music.
This passion has been shown into Oneboy project: live instruments on DJ sets.

Kisk released EPs and remixes under multiples music labels such as: Get Physical, Pro-tez, Multivitamins, Darek Recordings, Vibe Me Records, Piston, Seta Label and many more.

Within the numerous partnerships in Russia with SCSI-9 and in Germany with important artist like: LOPAZZ, Elon, Chris Wood, Tom Clark, Ekkohaus, Delano Smith, John Tejada, Gavin Herlihy, Moodymanc, Domu, Tuccillo, Ali Kuru, Yapacc, Alejandro Mosso, Pablo Bolivar, Noah Pred, Lula Circus, Casio Casino, Echonomist, Korablove, Huxley, Sarp Yilmaz, Kjofol and many others.