Interview with Future Mind!

A year after the album “Mechanical Heart” (Royal Supreme) Future Mind‘s compilation is out.

A trip through the electronic taste of the DJ, from tech, to progressive house, electro house and ambient.

How was the idea of this compilation born?
For a dj/producer the idea of a compilation is always on his mind. I can express not only my personal musical taste, but also the passion for my job through it. So it became a way to know me better.”

How did you select the tracks?
My personal taste has developed through specific sound. I tried to put them all here.

Are you working on new productions?
Yes. I’m working at least on five new tracks, that will be out before summer. Besides, I wouldn’t mind the idea of an EP.

Where are you playing this summer?
Sicily has a lot of beaches, so I think that I will play and sunbathe at the same time.

Go with Future Mind” is available on digital stores, listen to it!