Better known as Harry “Choo Choo” Romero, Harry Romero is an US’ DJ and producer of House music. He has been influenced by his family fully into music, his mother loved Latin rhythms and his father was a Beethoven’s lover.

In 1995 he released the track “Urban Turban” a mix between Arabic sounds and house music, with the label Strictly Rhytm. Under the same label he published “Sea of Passion” as well. These songs gave him the chance to be known worldwide.

He also released “Emotive”, “Sex Mania”, “Power Music”, realized by multiple collaborations with different music labels including his own Gossip Records. Harry Romero reaches success thanks to Robert Clivillés from C&C Music Factory , who, falling in love with “Il Futuro”, asked Harry to arrange his track “Saturday Night”.

Together with his friend Jose Nuñez, the members of the famous duo Constipated Monkeys, produced hits like “Erectus” and “Cro-Magnon” with Subliminal Records. The duo becomes a resident at Ministry of Sound of London and Pacha of Ibiza thanks to the single “Sunshine”.
Right now, he is one of the pillar of the American music label Subliminal Records, together with Jose Nuñez and Erick.