Hannah Wants

Hannah Wants Also known as the “Queen of House”, Miss Wants is a self taught DJ from Birmingham. Over the past few years a new genre of house music has quickly risen to the forefront of the scene with Hannah taking the reigns as its leading lady.



Hannah was brought up surrounded by a wide variety of music. Her family introduced her to an eclectic mix of sounds; soul, R&B, rock, indie, 80’s, A90’s, electro and house all at a very young and impressionable age. At age 17, armed with a cross genre assortment of musical knowledge, a mixer and pair of Numark belt drive decks, an expanding vinyl collection and impressive ambition Hannah found her talent.

Despite being hugely creative at the decks, the mystery of Hannah’s stage name was born from a slightly less inventive place. Liking the letter ‘W’ and searching through a list of words in the dictionary is Hannah’s exciting account of the birth of her surprisingly ingenious alias ‘Hannah Wants’.

In 2010 Hannah dedicated her summer to Ibiza to a gain a concrete reputation as a house music DJ. Her unique and commanding style had a profound and powerful impact on clubbers and her peers. As a result she soon found herself in high demand gaining residencies, winning competitions and playing at prestigious events and venues across Ibiza.

The hype surrounding Miss Wants followed her home from the clubbing capital, and with each and every set played her popularity flourished across the UK. Locally Hannah became a focal DJ at Birmingham’s 2.31 and 10.31 Rainbow Warehouse event and began to truly showcase her talent and authority at the decks. Her tracks “Dot Com”, “Hidden Love” and many others are distributed in Italy by JE | Just Entertainment.