Early Bright


Early Bright is an open minded, quality driven collective of music aficionados and songwriters hailing from Germany.
The story behind the creation of the brand new Early Bright venture is quite a romantic one. It was in late 2015 when four passionate music aficionados from Berlin and Bavaria met casually at a party over drinks and started exchanging heartfelt ideas and musical visions from across the board – from jazz and electronic music to everything in between.
Shortly after, audio and midi files were exchanged and the first sketches of what later became Early Bright’s debut single ‘Staring At The Sun’ were carved out. Beautiful sounds were manipulated over several weeks and gorgeous top lines were written. It all came together perfectly once the stunning vocals sat on the engaging, uplifting percussive groove. It was at this moment that the gang realized that ‘Staring At The Sun’ has the potential of making people dance and put a smile on their faces at the same time.

This is just the beginning and much more is to come. The production team and vocalists behind the mystical Early Bright collective are thrilled to embark on an exciting musical adventure – all aboard!