A chat with Lele Scotto!

After few months from the release of his first single, Lele Scotto is back with a new track called “Fake”, again signed JE | Just Entertainment.

For this special occasion, we have interviewed the DJ and producer!

So, Lele how have been for you these last months? Did you expect this success?

«These last months have been a real surprise, I did not expect to achieve this success and to even exceed the objectives that I had imagined! It was a great satisfaction, especially because this is my first single, so I would say it’s been a fantastic start!»



Second single and the collaboration with BB and Gray seems going very well. Can you tell us how this track was born and what is it about?

«I was at the studio creating some new tracks and this came up and I thought that their voices would suit it perfectly!
The song is dealing with a friendship that, out of the blue, turns into a love story, but due to a lack of trust it had to end.
As a matter of fact, a part of lyric says:

“Are your true? Are you playing?
Is there truth? Tell me where
Tell me this is all a game?”

Currently, are you working on something? Can you spoiler us something about Lele Scotto’s future projects?

«Yup, I’m still touring around Italy with my friend Gordon and we will continue all summer long.
For all the dates and more details of the gigs stay tuned and follow me on my social pages!

As for the music, I’ve already been in studio working on a new track that will probably be my new single, it will have a stronger clubbing vibe but still radio friendly, however I don’t want to spoiler too much!
I want to keep playing and maybe having the chance to do it on the biggest stage in Italy, but also outside my country will be so exciting! I love my job and the past part is when the crowd is having fun because of me and my music!»