Claudio Coccoluto

Claudio Coccoluto is an Italian Dj and producer, the country’s only DJ to be in the world’s top 20 list of most known DJs from the public.
His music is inspired by the vintage sounds of Chicago and Detroit and by the ultra-modern music coming out of Europe… Claudio Coccoluto is never afraid of experimenting with new sounds and allowing others to be influenced by his never ending search for the next record.
Claudio has published over 2,000 articles in the press and his word has always been considered seriously by both his peers and the younger generations of electronic music aficionados. From television to radio programmes, his brand was exported overseas – “The Italian DJ”, his face was published in countless magazines (DjMag cover, July 97′ and the new DJMag Italy in December 2011). Having had a strong link with the UK since his career took off, he has even appeared on countess radio shows for the likes of BBC1 and Kiss FM, which allowed his skill and dedication to transform into a true mastery in the art of mixing and giving the public an experience of being moved by the power of sound.

Since the beginning of the 90’s, his determination to create a name for himself within the music scene inevitably led him to the production studio. 1997 is the year of ‘Belo Horizonti’ (produced by Basement Jaxx), Claudio’s most successful piece of music, which sees a sale of over 1 million copies worldwide and a definitive appreciation by a wide range of artists and critics alike.
His precipitation into the world of production led him to begin working on a new project with Savino Martino and Dino Lenny, creating a new record label – “The Dub” and a new production studio which enabled him to delve deeper into the arrangement of dance music pieces but also other aspects of sound.

Claudio has his weekly radio show on “Radio Deejay” (the Italian radio station for dance music) every Friday from 10 to midnight, entitled “C.O.C.C.O.” where he exclusively mixes live and strictly vinyl only.