Barei started her career at the age of 16, recording covers of popular artists such as Christina Aguilera, Laura Pausini and Lara Fabian.

She participated at Benindorm International Song Festival and few years later, she moved to Madrid, where she is still living, and started to sing live in the most famous venues of the city.

In 2016, with the release of her album “Through the Dice”, Barei drew the attention of Europe with his talent and charm during the appearance at Eurovision Song Contest with his single ‘Say Yay!’. The song was certified gold record, gaining the first place on iTunes and collecting 11 million plays on Spotify.

After that, Barei left on international tour exhibiting in Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, England, Russia and obviously Spain.

The tour allowed her to be known in South-America and most of all in Argentina, Chile and Mexico.

In 2017 Barei has come back with her long-awaited single ‘I Don’t Need to Be You’, written in collaboration with the producer Ruben Villanueva.